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The Truth About Creative Color

You’ve seen them. All over Pinterest and Instagram. Highly edited photos of rainbow braids, mega vibrant neons, oil slicks, opals and everything in between when it comes to creative haircolor. Beautiful, aren’t they? I’m notorious for posting mine myself, except without the editing.

Let me start by saying I LIVE for creative color! I adore the process. There’s nothing quite like watching someone morph into a magical unicorn in your chair. The possibilities are endless, an infinite number of of color palettes can be achieved via intermixing, shifting existing tones, and all done usually without having to bleach more that once! Until it’s new growth time, of course.

My clients and I have an understanding. Each one that is interested in creatives gets a thorough consultation to discuss the many facets of the process and are prepared for the maintenance that is involved.

First. If you have existing permanent color in your hair, creative may not be achievable without several visits. The hair has to be light enough to accept the pigment. This means bleaching. Bleach can be damaging. I’m the most careful person in the universe when it comes to bleaching so I make sure your hair will maintain its integrity before the process even begins.

Second. The fading! The bleeding! Creative color fades MUCH faster than its permanent cousins. This is caused by a multitude of reasons! Porosity of the hair, the amount of times you shampoo your hair, and the products you are using are the usual suspects. If you are not using a sulfate and paraben free professional grade shampoo, your color will come out in as little as a week.  Even with less shampooing, in ice cold water, with professional products, your new magical hair is expected to fade in 3-6 weeks. Bleeding is also a thing. Say goodbye to your white t-shirts for a minute.

Third. Even though it fades quickly, creative colors tend to stay longer. They fade down to a pastel shade that never quite comes out. Bleach and color removers will not get them out. The remaining pigment in the hair determines what color can then be achieved.  I advise my clients that once I do the initial all over bleaching, I will not overlap bleach again. But. The fun part. Whenever creatives fade, I can come up with a whole new palette if you so choose, based on the remaining pigment. As long as there’s no hopping across the color wheel. You had purple? No, you cannot have orange. But you can have pink, red, or perhaps even blue! Re-depositing creative color causes no damage and it’s super fun to be able to switch them up so easily!

Fourth. I typically won’t do pastel shades initially. I recommend getting a vibrant color and letting it fade down. Which will happen quickly, usually. In my experience, pastel shades done right of the bat are gone within two weeks. You will get more wear for your money by starting vivid and letting it fade down.

Fifth. Silver! OH SILVER. I must admit, greys and silvers are beautiful! Unfortunately, unless you have 100% virgin hair that is a medium blonde and no darker, I will turn you down. If there is ANY, and I mean ANY existing color in your hair, silver is not a thing. One of my clients (Hey Shannon!) had a level 1 (Black as the inside of a coffin on a moonless night) and it took us no less than SEVEN visits with careful bleaching to get her peek a boos light enough to accept grey. I will not sacrifice the integrity of your hair for a trendy color. You will thank me later.

All of this taken into consideration, I have a large clientele for creatives! Is it expensive? Yes. Is it high maintenance? Yes. Is it worth it to have magical unicorn hair that is happy and healthy? Absolutely! Just be prepared to spend lots of time with me, yay!

Come in today for a free consultation and let’s chat about the color you’ve always dreamed of!

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Cut and color, a bargain when you think about it


Why is hair so expensive?

I get that a lot.

No, of course I’m not scowling dear reader, I’d be happy to explain.

An average cut and color service will run you around $100. I know that sounds very expensive. My friend and amazing coworker Justin Berry said it best. How much do you spend on your clothing? That fancy designer bag you carry for a few weeks then toss in the back of the closet?

You wear your hair every day.

The money you spend on your hair goes to many different things. The better than average color we use (which of course costs a little more) that gives mirror shine, and fade resistant. I have tons of education about chemicals and color theory and cutting design. That class I took last week may have costed hundreds. The products I choose specifically for your hair type are cruelty free and contain only the highest grade ingredients. How can I even tell your hair type? Because I continue my education! Continuing education to bring you the newest trends and techniques can cost thousands per year.

Attending beauty school alone will cost you $20,000 to $30,000 when it’s all said and done, and reader, that is only to learn the basics about how *not* to burn your hair off! We haven’t even started talking about the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into becoming a Cosmetologist. Long hours, assisting diva stylists, making mistakes and correcting them, laughing and crying with you with all life has to offer over the years. Each day adding more experience to my resume to bring you the perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Sounds like a lot right? No!

I love what I do! I love creating a mutual vision with each client, mapping out color placement and cutting technique.  The community of my fellow artists and of course my wonderful clients! You guys give me life.

Yes, my services can be expensive. I can promise you that I’m bringing you the latest and greatest techniques with placement, color theory, and cutting design. I invest a lot of money in my craft to be able to provide my clients all this with confidence while saving the integrity of your luscious locks. If that doesn’t sound awesome enough, to top it off: You get to hang out with me for awhile!

It doesn’t get much better than that.

hair haircolor Tease Knoxville

Box color vs. salon color, what’s the difference?


I get this question a lot, sometimes from clients who don’t mind paying top dollar to have their hair professionally maintained every few weeks, and sometimes from a teenager who just threw Lady Clairol on her locks yesterday.

Here’s the skinny on box color vs. salon color.

First and foremost, your haircolor has to be formulated just for YOU. There are so many different variables that you have to consider before even beginning to think about color. This is why we have consultations. While I’m asking you what your goal would be, and determining your idea of what a ‘warm chocolate’ is, I’m looking at your hair. I’m considering the texture, porosity, underlying tones, and what chemicals have already been deposited. Are you a level 57 platinum blonde or a level 5 medium brown? If you were to put the exact same box color on those two people, the results would be completely different, even though the box is “designed’ for all hair types and color. Did you know you absolutely HAVE to fill blonde hair before depositing a drastically different color for it to even stay in? Probably not, because that’s my job. We stylists have all spent so much time and money on our education to know things like this, so we can give you an amazing color service without you having to worry if “Blonde and Beautiful Box” will actually be “Brassy and Not So Sassy and my Hairstylist Can’t Get Me In, So Hats For A Week.”

Box brand marketing is clever. Ms. Beautiful Celebrity really doesn’t put a $5 box color on their hair. Which probably isn’t even her real hair. They have a team of professional stylists at their disposal 24/7.

What about the god-awful stuff they use in box color? Some companies still use this thing called metallic salts in their color. Did you know that metallic salts have been used in haircolor since the late 1800s? Here are some fun facts about metallic salts:
– Every time you deposit, they continue to build up in your hair. (Giving it that wonderful straw like texture)
– Thinking about taking it out with lightener? Metallic salts are like tiny razor blades, if I try to pull them out of your hair, it’s going to leave carnage behind.
– They will never EVER come out. Most of the time, it has to be grown out and cut off.

When you come into the salon, I can tell you about the ingredients in our color line, what it does to keep your hair healthy, and why the colors look so shimmery and pretty. I can explain the difference between a semi, demi, and permanent color. I will say that our color (Alfaparf Milano) contains hyaluronic acid, and that’s a substance that is naturally in your body and helps maintain moisture. Or that there are several different conditioning treatments that I can mix directly INTO your color formula. Way cool right?

All in all, box color is totally unpredictable. I know that $10 box may seem like saving money at the time, but’s it’s definitely not going to when you have to have a $200 correction done immediately after. Cosmetologists like myself spend so much time and dollars on continuing education just so we can give you that gorgeous color you’ve been thinking about, for a stress free, mess free, awesome experience.

For a free consultation on color, make an appointment with me at Tease Knoxville and let’s discuss that color you’ve always wanted.