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Makeup 101: Primers

makeup 101

Before I was a stylist, my specialty was makeup for several years. I freelanced for MAC, Tease, and for various weddings, proms, and other events in Knoxville.

The single most important items you can have in your makeup bag are primers. I have three different kinds that I keep in my personal AND professional kit at all times. Face, eye and lip.

A face primer (favorites- Too Faced, Smashbox, and MUFE) creates a barrier between your skin and your foundation. It’s going to act as a moisturizer and a ‘filler’. It will fill in fine lines, pores, and other imperfections giving your foundation a smooth surface for a beautiful finish, and they keep your foundation from moving, sliding, or smudging.

An eye primer (absolute favorite- Urban Decay Primer Potion) does the same, except the adhesion power is amazing. It creates a tacky surface for your eye color of choice to stick to. It will NOT move ALL day. It makes colors more vibrant, more blendable, and none of that creasing or raccoon eye business.

A lip primer (favorite- MAC Prep + Prime Lip) will keep your lipliner (yes, you absolutely need lip liner) from bleeding into the tiny creases around your mouth, and will keep your lip color in place and vibrant for all day wear.

Often, you can go into your local MAC or Sephora and ask for samples of primers to ultimately find the one that is right for you, and let’s face it. Samples are awesome. Go snag some today, and your makeup endeavors will be changed forever.

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