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It doesn’t have to be me, but please make sure your stylist or makeup artist is a true professional

Photo Credit: Christy Baird at Atomic City Photography

The holidays are quickly approaching! I’m super excited and getting prepared for the madness at Tease, it gets so busy and I love it, as we make Knoxville look its best! I’ve already been keeping an eye on the holiday hair and makeup trends for this year and I can’t wait to get started! Getting people dolled up for their holiday parties are some of my favorite things to do!

The makeup that I use for any holiday event, being Halloween or Christmas and everything else is ALL professional, FDA approved, cosmetic grade pigments and powders. This can get VERY expensive. Why? Because I care about what I put on your skin! I want you to look and feel beautiful for your event and not worry about having an allergic reaction because of some sketchy pigments purchased off eBay. I was so busy this past Halloween that I was booked completely for makeup for TWO days! (Thank you Knoxville!!) I also heard about unlicensed makeup artists painting faces with $1 acrylic paint that you find in the craft section! WHATTTT?! These people are using the SAME paint that you used on a birdhouses, on your FACE?!?! It causes me to cringe, some of my clients skin is so sensitive, I have to be cautious about what professional makeup I am using. What kind of reaction would they have to a non FDA approved devil-potion being put on their face? I can’t imagine.

Did you know that craft store glitter is cut with glass, and that is why it’s not safe for use on skin, and God forbid, the eyes? I do! I spent 1500 hours of blood, sweat, and tears to pursue my diploma in Cosmetology and I display it proudly. In beauty school, we are required to have 200 hours of sanitation before we can even start to put our combs in someone’s hair. We are taught what makeup has to be used with disposable applicators. We are taught how to sanitize our tools and other implements. We are shown what infections can happen from being careless. (The amount of these would scare you). We can name them. We are taught blood spill procedures, and how incredibly easy it is to pass disease from one person to another, if we overlook these steps.

Do they have a jar of Barbicide handy to sanitize that comb they just put in your hair? Cleansing with soap and water will not kill bacteria. Spraying alcohol will not kill bacteria/fungus and in some regards can actually increase pathogen growth. How many people has that comb touched before it got to you? What kind of makeup is your artist using? Are they using disposable tools, or are their brushes clean? These are questions you should be asking.

When you have your hair and makeup done for your holiday function this year, make sure to see a licensed or otherwise certified artist. We put in so much time and expense to bring you the newest trends, tricks, and information in the safest way possible.

Ready to look your best? Come to Tease Knoxville and see me.


Vintage Men’s Haircuts


10534552_678674375554366_7438591827269523243_nHaving gained notoriety in the past several months for my precision in vintage men’s haircuts, I thought I would elaborate on why I love them so much.

You’ve seen them around. Having made a comeback in recent mainstream media and in trendy circles alike, these haircuts are everywhere. I’ve done them on clients who hang out in the Old City in Knoxville, to men who speak in front of Congress.

The pompadour, the low ‘scumbag’ fades, the hard parts, the dapper gentleman, the 50’s greaser. I love them all. Every time a client sits in my chair and says he saw one of my pompadours and wants the same, my heart swells a little with pride.

As a stylist, I know how difficult some of these can be to pull off. There has to be an understanding of what hair type will work, what won’t, and a huge amount of technical skill required. One of my now regular clients came in and told me a scary story about his last stylist getting halfway through one of these haircuts and admitted to not knowing how to finish it. Products are an absolute necessity, I always have to explain. No one wakes up with a perfect vintage haircut, they take some time to style each morning.

There’s something about seeing a well groomed man with one of these haircuts. For me, they always conjure up the look and feel of decades passed. The Roaring Twenties. The Rockin’ Fifties. Prohibition. Al Capone. Pretty Boy Floyd. Elvis Presley. James Dean. Those eras were the epitome of cool. Men were well dressed, and they cared about their appearance.

I absolutely love being able to recreate these vintage looks and by doing that, bringing a touch of the past into the present.

If you’re looking for Vintage haircuts in Knoxville, drop by Tease for a free consultation. Let me work with you for the look you’ve always wanted.