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Cut and color, a bargain when you think about it


Why is hair so expensive?

I get that a lot.

No, of course I’m not scowling dear reader, I’d be happy to explain.

An average cut and color service will run you around $100. I know that sounds very expensive. My friend and amazing coworker Justin Berry said it best. How much do you spend on your clothing? That fancy designer bag you carry for a few weeks then toss in the back of the closet?

You wear your hair every day.

The money you spend on your hair goes to many different things. The better than average color we use (which of course costs a little more) that gives mirror shine, and fade resistant. I have tons of education about chemicals and color theory and cutting design. That class I took last week may have costed hundreds. The products I choose specifically for your hair type are cruelty free and contain only the highest grade ingredients. How can I even tell your hair type? Because I continue my education! Continuing education to bring you the newest trends and techniques can cost thousands per year.

Attending beauty school alone will cost you $20,000 to $30,000 when it’s all said and done, and reader, that is only to learn the basics about how *not* to burn your hair off! We haven’t even started talking about the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into becoming a Cosmetologist. Long hours, assisting diva stylists, making mistakes and correcting them, laughing and crying with you with all life has to offer over the years. Each day adding more experience to my resume to bring you the perfect hair you’ve always dreamed of.

Sounds like a lot right? No!

I love what I do! I love creating a mutual vision with each client, mapping out color placement and cutting technique.  The community of my fellow artists and of course my wonderful clients! You guys give me life.

Yes, my services can be expensive. I can promise you that I’m bringing you the latest and greatest techniques with placement, color theory, and cutting design. I invest a lot of money in my craft to be able to provide my clients all this with confidence while saving the integrity of your luscious locks. If that doesn’t sound awesome enough, to top it off: You get to hang out with me for awhile!

It doesn’t get much better than that.