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Salon products vs Drugstore products


I know salon products can seem expensive initially, when compared to much cheaper brands you can find at major retailers and drugstores. Here are a few reasons why salon quality products are much better than the rest!

• They are more expensive because they are much better for your hair! They are made with higher quality ingredients for the very purpose of maintaining that beautiful color or cut you just had done! Free of all the icky stuff that can be found in many drugstore brands, you will see a HUGE difference in how long your color will last, or how a shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for your hair type (curly, fine, etc) will make taking care of your hair a breeze. Drugstore shampoo and conditioner contain many things that wreak havoc on haircolor. Full of salt, sulfates, and parabens, these actually STRIP color from your hair. They can cause the pigments to shift or remove them completely. Leaving you with lackluster locks that need redone more often than they would if you had been using salon quality products. Some drugstore brands marketed as ‘keratin or protein enhancing’ fail to mention that if you deposit too much keratin in your hair, it will make it weak and brittle. Leading to severe breakage.

• Salon quality products are much more concentrated than drugstore brands. 90% of the time, the main ingredient on the labels of drugstore brands is ‘aqua’. Aqua = water. Meaning they are so diluted down, you buy SO MUCH more in the long run. You maybe take the plunge and buy a slightly more expensive product at the salon, but it will last you way longer.

• Did you know, when you buy ‘professional’ products from online sources like Ebay and Amazon, many of these are filled with something else or retrieved out of the trash? Professional shampoos and conditioners have an expiration date. When it expires, we throw it out. Online sources who are not licensed to sell these can and will retrieve them just to make money.

• Purchasing products from your favorite salon also helps support that business! Supporting your favorite place AND maintaining the integrity of your hair? What’s not to love about that?

Drop by any time and check out the products at Tease Knoxville. Two of my absolute favorites are Kevin Murphy and Anchors Hair Company. Two amazing products that we’re proud to offer. (Not every product is right for everyone, so I may recommend something different after consultation – but the only way to find out what is truly right for you is to talk to a stylist).