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Why I chose booth rental

When I was in beauty school, I always heard that jumping into a booth rental salon was the worst thing you could do for your career, especially as a new stylist. I went against everyone’s advice, and went straight into booth rental, fresh out of beauty school.
It was the best decision I have made thus far in my career.
I make my own schedule. I keep 100% of my profit. I pursue my own education. I don’t have to work long days making only a percentage of my services. I open and close my books at will. Want to take a day off? I don’t have to ask anyone. Issues with a terrible client? Fire them. I get to be my own boss, working whatever hours I choose. Want to work 60 hours a week? Cool. Want to work 15 hours a week? Also cool. I could not be happier with my decision. I make three times the amount I did at my previous job, and only half the hours put in. As a first year stylist.
The only downside of booth rental? Keeping up with your income and expenses for taxes. That’s it. The ONLY downside.
I admit, some of my clients followed me from school. So I already had a very small clientele at the time I started in my booth rental salon. In proud to say that in less than two years as a licensed cosmetologist, I have built a loyal clientele. I rarely have openings unless they’re a week or two out. Is this the same as being booked 8 hours straight for 3 months? Of course not. I’m still working on building mine, but in less than two years, that’s absolutely amazing.
I truly feel the goal for everyone should be to work for yourself and not some corporation. Why do bigger salons discourage booth rental? Because they are making so much money off of their stylists. You have the potential to keep all of your hard earned profit. Not 40%. Not 50%. But 100%. All day every day. And not have to answer to anyone. Running a few minutes late? Bring your client a coffee and they usually forgive you. No silly dress codes either. Yes.
Booth rental was the perfect decision for me, and I love this industry so much. I can’t imagine my life any other way.